Return of the MAC ?

I’ve taken a HUGE log break from blogging recently; so much has gone on since I started the New Year. Mostly in the way of me getting a new job (yay!!) and it being quite a while from home (boo!!), coupled that with a 6-year-old, child care and commuting, I have not had a moment to myself.

I have also started seeing a lovely lovely man and well you know the rest.

Starting this blog was one of my New Year resolutions and I am determined not to give up no matter what is going on in my life.

I have also recently joined Weightwatchers, something I can also keep you guys updated on. Did some research and it came up as the best diet to lose weight on and keep it off long-term.

I will keep you guys as updates as I can, till then I will keep channelling Sade.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful Sunshine

May your eyebrow game forever be strong.





Animal Instinct

Hello again,

 Just a really quick post as I’m in love with this dress I got from the sale at Simply Be. Thought I’d do a quick mini blog about it. It’s my first day back at work after the holidays and I though I’d wear this little number to cheer me up. It worked!!

The dress is relatively light and my usual empire fit but for some strange reason keeps riding up in the back, might just be my fat arse haha. The good thing is this dress can be dressed down or down up with some sparkly shoes and lipstick.





Ndot’s onsied knees.. shes my photographer for the day


Currently on a lunch break at work… Hope everyone’s afternoon is going swimmingly 🙂


Outfit Details

Dress | Simple Be

Shoes | Asos

Cardigan | New look



Love and other indoor sports,


Tiana xx

New Year Resolutions 2015

Happy New Year Dolls!

It’s officially 2015 which means it’s time to start working toward those New Year’s resolutions. I bet the top New Year’s resolution for 2015 will be to lose weight, no surprise there. I have no shame in admitting that I have now reactivated my gym membership and hope to use it more this year than the measly 10 times last year!

This year I have decided that weight loss is not my main goal , The number one thing on my to do list is to save and be more frugal ! I am literally allergic to saving and break out in humongous hives when anyone mentions ISA’s or interests rates but I have decided I will need to purchase my own house at the end of this year so saving is a must.

I have a lot of New Year’s resolutions and one is to go back on my nutritional plan and lose some inches ( I don’t do stones and pounds) and get back down to my size 16 clothes before my daughter ( I think its 12 for the US?). And the other one is to be more positive and in touch with God that created our universe. And to learn how to salsa so I can shimmy the nights away.

But on to my first OOTD, this is the outfit I wore to church on today. I am in love with this dress I purchased from New Look a month ago… It’s such a flattering fit due to the empire line and it’s so comfy to wear. I do have a mild obsession with floral patterns and I do have to be careful that I don’t end up with things that make look… well mature.


2 3 4 6

The shoes are from ASOS which I got for a steal for a tenner and I absolutely love patent heels and the 4 inch block heels make comfortable and lengths my legs in a comfortable way while giving me the support that I need as fashion must be functional occasionally, especially when you have a 5-year-old to run around after.


The coat is a staple from Simply Be I bought last year but I’m pretty sure I glanced at it in the sales this year again. The fur collar I adore and that’s from eBay… I can attach a link to where I bought it from; there are so many colours available.


I will admit I’m not the greatest at makeup, I know enough so I don’t look like a zombie each morning but not of the artistic stuff you see around these days!

Whatever you’re New Year’s resolution may be, I wish you the best of luck in reaching your resolution goals in 2015 and try to look fabulous while achieving your goals, so at least if you don’t get there you can still hold your head up high and say damn .. I looked good anyway!


Speak to you guys soon!!


Love and other indoor sports,

Tiana xx


The birth of Plus Finesse

I was going to leave it till the New Year to start the blog but I’m quite excited, so I thought I’d do an initial post to test the waters.

I have always had an interest in fashion but have always let it slip to the back of my mind because of the mentality that couldn’t possibly wear certain things because of my size. It took me a while to realise that there a certain things I could wear because of my size!

Recently due to other plus size bloggers coming up and the fashion industry finally taking an interested in plus sized women, my interest has grown that much more.

For such a long time , I always felt too large to wear fashionable things and I also felt that I didn’t want to draw my attention to myself with some of the clothes or make up I would put on in fear of people judging me. This had become my mentality for so long: be quiet, smile and try and blend in as much as possible. I even used to go as far as not having my friends dress to outrageously around me as I didn’t want any attention focused on me because of my weight, I wanted to be invisible.

On a more serious note, I was always told by boyfriends, friends and even family that I would look so much prettier if I lost weight. This really damaged my confidence and my self-esteem on so many levels that I didn’t quite like being in the lime light or drawing attention to myself in anyway and it is only of recent that I have realised the extent of their words and the damage it has caused in my life. (I will touch on this later in another post)

Over the years I have tried to lose weight and have been very unsuccessful to say in the least. I think this is because I was always trying to do it for other people who thought it was best for me but not me.  I am getting to a stage in life where I have grown to appreciate my curves and my fat (yes I think they are two different things, I will address this later).

I would always spend hours looking at clothes that I would wear when I was finally skinny or make up that would better on my face when it was much slimmer.  Am now in my later twenties and have been waiting for a chance to do all this things and I have decided the right time is now… I will look as fabulous as I can no matter what weigh.

Starting this blog, I’m hoping will be able to build my confidence to wear what I want to wear and be in the knowledge that it is OK for me to stand out and when people look at me they could be admiring me and not just having negative intent.

Anyway on to lighter topics, there a few reasons I am starting this blog.

  • To hold myself accountable to things I always say I’ll do and never get round to doing them
  • To meet like minded women (and men !) who are interested in the same things as me
  • To show my love for fashion and make-up mainly (I do have loads of other interests!)
  • To identify with other plus size woman out there and let the whole word know it’s OK to be Fatsy (Fat, Classy and Sassy).  #Fatsy
  • To talk about food, I love food… I love cooking and more importantly I love eating it!
  • To talk about whatever I choose… After all it is my blog 🙂

I guess this is just a first post to let you guys all know a little bit about me.

Love and other indoor sports,

Tiana xx